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This turned out long, which is why it's here and not on the main comm. And it's all dream sequences. I meant to do one journal post per day, which would have left room for - other stuff, but I procrastinated, so here is the condensed version of the crazy vision quest.

Warnings: possibly NSFW, involves sex and death and injured mice and parental issues, not all at once.

if wellness is this what in hell's name is sicknessCollapse )


((for always_ashes, right after this, so backdated a few days.))


[Teru's home, finally. It's been a long day. A's expecting him to be back late, of course, but he knows she'll still be worried.

At least he almost has good news.]



((Private to siafukira, after this.))

Fetch me if you find him.

Technically, of course, he found Teru, and is apparently less in need of help than ever. But the other Light needs to know that, so now Teru's on the second floor, looking for the room with a chalk circle. It's not hard to find. He knocks, then steps back a little, waiting.


face my fate

[No one ever cleans around here.

Teru's in a kitchen. An ordinary kitchen, not one that writes on you or changes when you least expect it. He's down on his hands and knees, scrubbing at the tiles, occasionally coughing as artificial lemon scent hits the back of his throat.

To an outside observer, the tiles would seem clean enough already, but that's not the point. They can always be better.]


(private to A)

[Days spent together are a lot more pleasant now Teru doesn't have to force himself to appear happy about them. He's wandering the halls with Angela and a picnic basket, as they do every week. Or as close to every week as possible given the Mansion's sense of time.]

Where today, then? The beach again?


ooc chat stuff: when analogies attack

(sort of a followup to a previous chat in which Vashti and I stretched the moth to a flame analogy for big-Teru about as far as it would go. This time we were talking about Stalky.)

21:00 vashti take away the fear and all the spider is, is a small arthropod you could crush with a thought.
21:02 vashti also, poor kid!Light is getting so excited about his English lessons. it's almost cute.
21:02 phoebonica ...I'm trying to come up with an analogy about flushing Light down a plughole but it's not working. Fun mental image though.
21:02 phoebonica he is eerily cute.
21:03 vashti well, the tap is a shower. you turn it on, rinse away the blinders and the obsession and the intimidation, and down he goes.
21:04 phoebonica yes.
21:04 vashti *improvises*
21:05 phoebonica yay minibeast analogies.
21:05 toph i love the word 'minibeast'.
21:06 vashti it is a great word.
21:06 vashti and a new one, for me. \o/
21:07 phoebonica and, um. Teru isn't sure whether to step on Light or to pick him up carefully with paper and carry him outside. But he wants him out of the house.
21:07 phoebonica the house is his *soul*.
21:07 toph i was really into bugs when i was little, and i had a book called MINIBEASTS :D.
21:07 toph *lolling*
21:07 vashti where he showers in the sink.
21:07 toph I also love this metaphor.
21:07 vashti This is a wonderful metaphor. :)

[insert discussion of the word 'minibeast' for a bit]

21:10 vashti and Light is entirely struck on staying inside. it's warm, and there's shelter, and he gets to scare people and snare flies (which are conscience, doubt and so on) that flit in.
21:13 phoebonica ...so apparently flies are good. In metaphor-land.
21:13 phoebonica maybe they're actually moths.
21:13 vashti oh, possibly.
21:13 vashti or .. hm. ladybirds.
21:14 vashti from Light's perspective, they're flies. flies are bad.
21:14 phoebonica *nods*
21:14 vashti teru ... probably sees them as flies too. but they're actually tiny moths.


[The worst part about the mansion is the things it knows. Monsters are all very well, but they're nothing compared to having your deepest insecurities pulled out of you and put on display. Especially when the cause of them is standing there to watch, and smiling, and you know you deserve it.

Teru's out of the insecurity room now, along with Beyond and A. The ink is gone from his body. On the outside, he's clean again. But he's still shaking.]

[[private to happy_irthday and always_ashes. Posting order B/A/Teru? We'll figure it out.]]

Good Samaritan Syndrome (private to A)

[For the past week, Teru has managed not to let A find out that he's been leaving in the early mornings, or where he's been going. Today, though, he's a little late back.

He opens the door to their room, quietly, and tells himself it doesn't matter. She's probably still asleep. Not awake yet, not worried about him and coming to find him and putting herself in danger. Because that's why he's been keeping this from her. To protect her.

Of course.]


(private to curtainwizard)

[This is the first time in a few days that Mikami's been out of his room alone. A seems to want to stay closer to him than usual, and... to be honest, he's relieved.

But today, for the moment, he's by himself. And trying to find his way back from the library. He was sure he'd taken the right turning.

At least he hasn't run into - anyone else in the corridors.